Знаете ли вы, что?

К самым длинным словам относятся написанные слитно цепочки слов, некоторые сложные и агглютинативные слова или слова, употребляемые для данного случая, например слово из 182 букв. Это слово означало фрикасе из 17 сладких и кислых ингредиентов и употреблялось в комедии Аристофана "Женщины в народном собрании" в IV в. до н.э. Сложное слово из 195 знаков, которые могут быть транслитерированы 428 буквами латинского алфавита, встречается в работе Тирумаламбы, королевы Виджаянагара, написанной на санскрите в XVI в. Вышеупомянутое слово употреблялось для обозначения района около Канси, штат Тамилнад, Индия.

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Отзывы об Агентстве перевода Авокадо

Сама я из поселка Яйва. Часто в город не езжу, а нужен был перевод документов с Эстонии для оформления пенсии. Нашла телефон агентства Авокадо. Девочки всё подробно рассказали по телефону, вошли в мое положение и предложили сделать всё по почте. готовый перевод получила уже в конце недели. Спасибо вам большое! Надежда Тихомирова

Wooden Gods of Prikamye


Opened in 1922, Perm State Art Gallery is one of the largest museums in Ural, its collections now accommodated in the premises of the former Savior Transfiguration Cathedral.

Arranged in the Hermitage-style, the Gallery’s collection numbers around 43 thousand objects including pieces of Russian and European art of different schools, styles and trends of the 15th to 20th centuries. Exposed to view are paintings, pieces of graphic art, sculpture, decorative and applied art, and traditional art from all over Russia and Europe.


The Gallery contains exceptional collection of the famous wooden sculpture, pieces of Perm animal style, antique ceramics, pieces of art ranging from Ancient Egypt to Tibet, Japan, India, and China. Would you be interested in European paining you will be surprised to see masterpieces by Piranesi, D?rer, Bartolozzi, Rembrandt, Hogarth, Callot, van Dyck and many other classics. The Russian masters are represented by Shishkin, Tropinin, Repin, Fedotov, etc.

From its opening the Gallery has become the center of the regional culture. Since 1925, it has run exhibitions of modern artists of the region, best pieces from the shows having remained in the Gallery. This is how the astounding 20th century art collection was created being constantly replenished with works of Perm artists as well as those from Sverdlovsk, Orenburg, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. The collection has also been extended by works selected from art studios by the experts who were free in their choice of artists. They followed artistic life in the Baltic, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and other regions.

The crown jewel of the Gallery is the unique collection of Perm wooden hieratical sculpture, that includes around 400 pieces (17th to early 20th century) collected in different parts of Permsky Kray. Since 1925, N. Serebrennikov (1900-1966), the future director and keeper of the Gallery, supervised the expedition and research work. He was the one to put together the valuable collections of Perm wooden sculpture, golden pictorial and ornamental embroidery, and icons of the Stroganov’s school. He also appeared to be the first to have compiled the museum catalogues and initiated research of the masterpieces kept in the Gallery.

Today, the Gallery houses collections and hosts exhibitions from all over the world displaying the recognized masterpieces as well as contemporary art from the world’s leading galleries and museums.