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Отзывы об Агентстве перевода Авокадо

Я пенсионер, родился в Армении. Сейчас делаю документы на получение гражданства и пенсии. Каждый раз приходится сталкиваться с хамством и бесправием, устал обивать пороги и стоять в очередях. Денег лишних нет, а везде требуют перевод моих документов еще с нотариусом. Товарищи сказали, что переводы делают в Авокадо, девочки там помогли и перевели документы быстро. Было приятно, что отнеслись по человечески, сделали по дешевле. Карен Жораевич

Ural Mountains


Forming the natural border between Europe and Asia, the Ural Mountains are located in the eastern part of Permsky Kray, occupying one fifth of its territory. Actually, this mountain range stretches for more than two thousand kilometers, reaching the Arctic Ocean in the north; its southern branches disappear in the steppes of Kazakhstan.


The Ural Mountains are renowned for their natural riches all over the world since long ago. The antique scientists were the first to call them the Hyperborean Mountains; the later names were the Riphean, Stone Belt, Belt of the Earth, and others. Such a variety of names had been in use until the 18th century when the present-day name was ratified in the Russian scientific works.


Ages ago, the Ural mountains used to be one of the highest ranges in the world; yet for almost 250 million years they have been naturally destroyed. What you see now of them is only the bases of the former mountain tops. The highest mountains of Permsky Kray include Tulymsky Stone (1,496 meters), Isherim (1,331 meters), Khu-Soik (1,300 meters), and Molebny Stone (1,240). Mountains overlooking the surrounding area are referred to as Stones in Ural.


In ancient times, about 285 million years ago, the ancient Perm Sea covered the area of the present-day Ural Mountains. With the lapse of time, the water evaporated, its minerals having formed the foundation for many industries in the region. Today’s natural resources evolved from those bed deposits. The whole list includes over 500 minerals, such as gypsum, marble, dolomite, anhydrite, lime, marl, sands, haydite clay, mineral paints, strontium and chromite ores, and many others.


The natural resources of the Ural Mountains are of paramount importance for the Permsky Kray regional economy, when we speak about oil, halite and potassium salt. While oil deposits are relatively newly discovered here - only 80 years ago, with around 200 hydrocarbon deposits proved by now, including those with accompanying gas, the salt mining has been developed in Prikamye since the early 15th century. In 1925, Verkhnekamskoye potassium salt deposit, which is one of the largest in the world, was discovered in the Solikamsk and Berezniki area. The region is also renowned for its diamonds, with up to 80 percent of them used in jewelry-making.


Perm travel agencies offer a variety of tours to enable you enjoying the beauty and splendor of the Ural Mountains.