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В 1999 парламент немецкой федеральной земли Мекленбург-Передняя Померания рассмотрел проект закона под названием Rinderkennungs- und Rindfleischetikettierungs?berwachungsaufgaben?bertragungsgesetz (сокращенно: RflEtt?A?G), что переводится как: «Закон об идентификации коров и передаче обязанностей контроля маркировки говядины». Название произносится: [риндэркеннунгс- унд риндфлайшэтикетирунгсюбэрвахунгсауфгабэнюбэртрагунгсгезэц]).

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Отзывы об Агентстве перевода Авокадо

После переезда из Туркменистана к родственникам в Пермский край я искала переводчика с туркменского языка, чтобы перевести все наши документы (паспорта, свидетельство о браке, документы на детей, медкнижки и т.д.). Обратилась в ваше агентство и ничуть не пожалела. Готовый перевод с нотариальным заверением я получила в этот же день. Хотя в других агентствах мне сказали что нужно ждать день или даже два. Огромное спасибо вам за оперативность! Юсупова Залина

Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre


Being one of the oldest theatres in Russia Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre has been thetrademark of Perm for many years.

In the middle of the 19th century, Perm was visited by many touring theatre companies, their shows on different stages finding success among the Perm audience. Finally, in 1846 the Main Square saw the erection of the first small wooden theatre followed by the performance of the Askold’s Grave opera by Verstovsky by a visiting company.

Burnt down to the ground later on, the theatre was replaced by a new wooden one near the original site in 1870, the square having got a new name – Theatre Square (Teatral’naya Ploshchad’). November 24, 1870, the first season opened with a performance of Glinka’s A Life for the Tsar; this date being considered the birthday of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre.

A few years later the city head P.D. Diaghilev (the grandfather of the famous impresario) initiated building a stone theatre, for which purpose he donated 4,500 roubles. The theatre received significant support from public subscriptions of the workers of the Motovilikha Works, railroad workers, intelligentsia and merchants, and primarily, renowned I. Lyubimov.

During the first season of 1879 the new theatre enjoyed the operas by Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Gounod, and Weber. In 1895, the so-called Perm Direction (Permskaya Direktsiya) was established accounting for the city theatre productions. Interestingly enough, the city administration resolved on keeping the theatre at the city’s expense, which became the unique example of the municipal culture management in Russia of those days.

During the Second World War the theatre hosted Kirov Ballet and Opera House evacuated from Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). The world famous Mariinsky Ballet School contributed to the subsequent foundation of Perm College of Choreography.

In 1965, the Opera and Ballet Theatre acquired the name of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to be awarded the title of the academic theatre in 1969. Perm Theatre is the only one in Russia having staged all Tchaikovsky’s theatre performances – ten operas and three ballets - at different times. Arabesque, the annual international ballet festival, and the Diaghilev’s Seasons in Perm became the trademark of the theatre.

Today, the beautiful baroque theatre is home to one of Russia’s top ballet schools. Perm Theatre Company has toured dozens of countries world-wide, its performers being widely recognized by sophisticated critics and finding devoted admirers of the Perm opera and ballet wherever it performs.