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В 19 веке в русских переводах "Айвенго" называли по-русски - "Ивангое".

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После переезда из Туркменистана к родственникам в Пермский край я искала переводчика с туркменского языка, чтобы перевести все наши документы (паспорта, свидетельство о браке, документы на детей, медкнижки и т.д.). Обратилась в ваше агентство и ничуть не пожалела. Готовый перевод с нотариальным заверением я получила в этот же день. Хотя в других агентствах мне сказали что нужно ждать день или даже два. Огромное спасибо вам за оперативность! Юсупова Залина



Just as many other Ural cities, Perm has sprung out with construction of a backbone factory to become the city-forming enterprise. It was not far from the outflow of the Yegoshikha River falling into the Kama River, that the construction of a copper-melting plant started on May 4, 1723.

While Perm settlements along the Yegoshikha River were first mentioned back as early as in the 17th century, it is precisely this date to be considered the city’s birthday. The city was named by the Empress Catherine the Great who ordered to elevate Yegoshikhinskoye settlement into the city of Perm in 1780. In 1797, the vicegerency became a province.

The region’s stable economic growth resulted from the enhancement of industrial production, merchant activity and extensive trade connections. An evidence of the development was the increased product turnover at local fairs, significant growth of trading networks and opening of foreign companies’ representations.

By the mid-19th century Perm had advanced its position of a city located in the trading routes from the European part of Russia to Siberia due to development of steam navigation on the Kama River and construction of a number of shipbuilding yards. Linking of Perm with Yekaterinburg in 1878 by rail service turned the city into a major transportation hub with cargoes reloaded from rail tracks to steamboats. In this way, by the early 20th century Perm was considered the gates to Ural, so as to Siberia.

In the 19th century, Perm appeared an exile destination for politically suspect public figures and writers. Their influence promoted development of democratic attitudes among the population and stimulated intellectual and cultural life in the city. The local industrial enterprises attracted engineers and scientists whose technical innovations gained international acknowledgement.


Perm of today is a major industrial, scientific and cultural center of Russia with population numbering nearly one million people. With abundant defense plants, no foreigners would have been admitted to Perm only two or three decades ago. Yet, as the political situation has changed for the better, tourism currently is developing at a good pace, with up to six hundred thousand guests coming to Permsky Kray every year, including many thousands of overseas visitors. Tourist agencies offer a variety of historical routes around Perm that cover visiting architectural landmarks, temples and churches, museums, as well as the eminent Perm Art Gallery with its outstanding collection of Perm wooden sculpture.

Your cultural program in Perm may be enriched with a visit to the Organ Hall gathering famous musicians and artists, or Theater of Drama giving the best performances staged by celebrated or break-through Russian and foreign directors. Not to be missed is one of the best theaters in Russia –Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre offering a wide range of classical productions including the world-famous Diaghilev’s Seasons. Here in Perm you will have a chance to visit the Red Square, see Eiffel Tower and feel yourself a true local – Permyak – the salty ears.