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Самыми большими в мире являются гигантские (183 м) буквы, образующие надпись "READYMIX" (готовый бетон), выложенную на земле в Восточной Балладонии, Западная Австралия, в декабре 1971 г.

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Отзывы об Агентстве перевода Авокадо

После переезда из Туркменистана к родственникам в Пермский край я искала переводчика с туркменского языка, чтобы перевести все наши документы (паспорта, свидетельство о браке, документы на детей, медкнижки и т.д.). Обратилась в ваше агентство и ничуть не пожалела. Готовый перевод с нотариальным заверением я получила в этот же день. Хотя в других агентствах мне сказали что нужно ждать день или даже два. Огромное спасибо вам за оперативность! Юсупова Залина

Kama River


Preceded by Moscow and Sochi, Perm is the third longest city in Russia. Kama River is the main city ‘street’, the longest (70 km) and the widest (1 km) one, with the capital of Western Ural stretching along its left and right banks. While horse-drawn carts were rarely seen on Perm streets, the Kama River was full of life, crowded with steamboats, pushers, barges, rafts as well as piers, loading docks and warehouses.

In the pre-automobile age with neither highways, nor vehicles, the port of Perm was the major hub for cargoes from the Central Russia to Ural, Siberia and back. By the way, with manmade channels Perm now is connected through Kama to five seas. For centuries the main river of the region with its numerous feeders has been providing jobs, fish and waterflow to the locals.


It is hard to believe but true: Permsky Kray boasts nearly 29 thousand rivers, their overall length exceeding 90 thousand kilometers. Moreover, the region numbers over 800 lakes and almost 500 ponds. The lakes here can be vast, such as Сhusovskoye, with the area of around 20 sq. km, deep, such as Rogalyok (61 m), while some lakes are saline or underground, lifeless or full of fish.

The broad Votkinskoye Reservoir starts near Perm, while the Kama Sea, being the biggest artificial sea in the region, with its area approximating 2 thousand sq. km ends up here with a hydroelectric dam.


If you are enthusiastic about magnificent views of Permsky Kray you’ll find yours at local rivers suited here to every fancy. You can experience vigorous mountain rivers with whitewater and rapids, descending from the Ural Mountains, or more peaceful and majestic valley rivers.


Yet, all of the local rivers are amazingly beautiful with picturesque riverfronts, and the majority of them are accessible for various outdoor activities: exciting rafting tours by twin-hull boats, boats and canoes, and ample fishing opportunities.

Although it has been long believed that the Kama River flows into ‘Mother Volga’, the scientists suppose that 200 million years ago it was Kama that flowed into the Caspian Sea, while Volga joined it at nearly right angle following the Great Glaciation. Yet, civilization reached Volga first, as many Russian songs were dedicated to it.