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Больше всего названий имеет состояние опьянения. Издательство "Делакур пресс", Нью Йорк, США, опубликовало словарь, куда вошло 1224 из 2241 синонимов, собранных Полом Диксоном из Гаррет Парка, штат Мэриленд, США.

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Отзывы об Агентстве перевода Авокадо

После переезда из Туркменистана к родственникам в Пермский край я искала переводчика с туркменского языка, чтобы перевести все наши документы (паспорта, свидетельство о браке, документы на детей, медкнижки и т.д.). Обратилась в ваше агентство и ничуть не пожалела. Готовый перевод с нотариальным заверением я получила в этот же день. Хотя в других агентствах мне сказали что нужно ждать день или даже два. Огромное спасибо вам за оперативность! Юсупова Залина



Overlooking the scenic Obvinskoye creek and stretching along its right bank, Ilyinsky village (an urban-type settlement as of now) has played a big part in the history and culture of the Ural region. For a hundred and fifty years it was the center of Perm lands owned by the Stroganov family being major landlords, barons and counts of the Russian Empire.

The settlement’s history dates back to the early times. Following the archeological findings, the first people lived there as early as in the 4th century, the written testimonies containing records of Ilyinsky village of 1579. In 1558, with the letter signed by Ivan the Terrible, representatives of the Stroganovs were granted vast lands in Prikamye, including those by the Obva River. In 1700, by the order of Peter the Great Ilyinsky became property of Grigory Stroganov, since when the village has become the center of all lands owned by the Stroganovs in Permsky Kray.

In the 19th century, the village distinguished itself with a theater, an icon workshop, the biggest library in Ural and a number of educational establishments. The village boasted for its talented residents, including representatives of the serf intelligentsia: forestry scientists Teploukhovs and artists S. Yushkov and I. Nekrasov. The famous architect A. Voronikhin received his education in the icon workshop.

Annunciation Church being one of the first stone buildings in the village was saved from profanation during the notorious Soviet times by its dean: following the legend, he bribed a Bolshevik commissar with a pair of boots and an accordion. Nowadays, the new martyr father Nikolay is canonized a saint patron of Ilyinsky. If you choose to visit Ilyinsky, head on to Vasilyevskoye village featuring a unique two-storeyed wooden church of the 18th century with arresting age-old icons of the Old Believers.

The village boasts a number of architectural attractions, such as Administration House of the Stroganovs’ Perm Estates, House of the Stroganovs’ Estate Administrator, and the renowned House with a Mezzanine.

Ilyinsky Museum of Local History (1921) is the first village museum in Russia to be acknowledged the best municipal museum in the country in 2005. Its collection encompasses truly unique exhibits, including Ivan’s the Terrible letter dated 1558, icons created by masters of Ilyinsky icon workshop, an archaeological collection of Perm animal style, paintings, old printed and manuscript books and ‘the boneshaker, which impressed everybody’ – a wooden bicycle, made by a local serf S. Abramov as early as in the first half of the 19th century.